Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It's late and been a long day, but wanted to report that my reading is back to what it was for the most part. I'm so into this biography of Thelonious Monk I'm almost finished.

And I'm able to do some writing beyond this blog. Well, rewriting actually on the monster memoir thing I've been working on for a couple of years now and will be the longest in history probably if I ever finish it.

It's the process of writing that I'm into and aleays have been. I was totally ready to accept the possibility that I wouldn't be able tow rite again as I once did, or have for most of my life. But now it looks like I'm pretty close to returning to at least the cognitiive and motor sckills to write again.

But I tire more easily still, and forget things more than I used to, so I we'll see if I can actually write as much or for as long if this recovery continues as it has been going.

There are still changes that have affected the way I think and think of myself. It feels like some of those might be permanent. But we'll see. Like the one I've pointed out most often because it is so obvious, my lifelong list making compulsion, which no longer is there and hasn't been since I woke up from the operation.

Other characteristics, large and small, seem permanenetly changed as well. But who knows what the future might bring. Whatever it might be I hope I'm grateful for all of it.

[PS: I corrected a bunch of typos as I was writing this, but in reading it when I was finished I noticed a bunch more, but am leaving them in as examples of what my writing is like now. I know a few typos might mean nothing to many people but to someone like me who has been writing for every day of my life—and I mean "writing" as in articles essays reviews stories poems screenplays plays books etc.—making the kinds of mistakes, typos and redundancies etc. as I do above is rare. (and I obviously corrected a bunch more in this PS]


AlamedaTom said...

"But I tire more easily still, and forget things more than I used to..."

Bro, that happens to me all the time these days and I didn't even have brain surgery.

~ Willy

Lally said...

I hear you Tom. I don't mean that others don't experience these things too. Just observing the changes in me or the lack of them, etc.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I have watched you
for years! We are missing you alot. We are so pleased to see your "notes" and
know that you are healing.
Interesting to think that we've
watched you report traffic all these years yet not really "knowing" you. Sounds like you are a gifted person. Blessings to you and your family.
(Today show viewer for 40+ years.)

Lally said...

Hey anonymous, think you commented on the wrong blog, nobody around here reports traffic or has anything to do with the Today show.