Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Actually it's been more like Fall or late winter here, with several inches of rain and temperatures in the forties and gusty winds blowing things around.

But—the forsythias are in bloom. those beautifully blossom abundant bushes that sprout those tiny yellow splashes of color all over when Spring arrives. I love how yellow the world becomes, at least in my neighborhood, after weeks, and this year months, of the darks and whites of winter (which I dig too, but am happy when every new season arrives after almost twenty years in L.A. missing the kind of seasons I'm used to).

And the cherry blossoms here and there and Chinese maples with their reddish glow as they blossom. The trees are beginning to bud and soon you can see it will truly begin to be a riot of colors for the ten or so weeks before summer sets in and it all goes mostly green, and a lusher green I'm sure this year after so much snow and rain has saturated the ground.

So, grateful today, despite the sour tone in our two-state style non dialogue among the two parties. It does feel like it might be time to go back to separation and let them fend for themselves, since it's mostly the red states that suck up most of our tax dollars. If this area could have more of the money we send to DC we'd probably be solvent. And if the areas of the country that seem to be most conservative were to have to do without all the federal largess and oversight, they'd be even more like an old style so-called third world country, which a lot of the blue states are looking like now too after the eight years of almost total rightwing Republican rule that widened the gap between rich and working people by several measures more than what they came in with, while draining the federal kitty to do it.

But hey, it's supposed to get up to the seventies around here over Easter weekend, which, though a little bizarre in terms of what we should be getting this time of year, I'll take for now (and let's not even get into the record breaking weather we've been having almost everywhere this past year but the rightwingers only commented on the snow and cold in winter to try and deligitimize the whole global warming phenom but as I've pointed out before, they won't be saying anything about our weather this weekend when it's twenty degrees and more above normal. God bless the poor lemmings [I'm still having some trouble writing since the brain surgery though most everything else seems to be working as well as before, though differently, but I just wrote "mellings" for "lemmings" a kind of unintended transformation I often do these days]).


Elisabeth said...

All this talk of weather in the blogosphere makes me wonder, are we no different from what we are like on the outside? though in blogland the weather talk is always far more lyrical and poetic, as it is here. Thanks ,Michael.

Anonymous said...

On behalf of us mellings, I'm offended that you confused us with lemmings.