Sunday, March 28, 2010


The poet Tom Clark has a poetry blog that is always perceptive and enlightening. But this latest post is, as I said in a comment I just left on it, like a little book instantly published on the net for all to access, and totally worth reading. It makes me remember why I always say—because it's true—that "poetry saved my life." Now if it could only save the planet, or so many extraordinarily beautiful parts of it that are being partially, or even completely, destroyed.


Elisabeth said...

I've checked Tom's work out and it's amazing. Thanks, Michael.

TC said...

Muchas gracias, amigo and amiga.

Yes, maybe it's the poignancy of our sense of all that's been lost that lends urgency to this desire we have to work on saving what's left.

Up against, of course, that accompanying or following sense of time's winged chariot breathing at our backs, reminding us how very late in the "game" it is...