Friday, July 8, 2011


Here's the only photo I could find with some of the cousins mentioned in. yesterday's poet. It's not great for that but it does illustrate the size of families in my neighborhood when I was a kid, at least the families in my clan.

My younger cousin who lost her husband wasn't born when this was taken so she's missing. Her older sister isn't very clear, but she's the beribboned girl almost lost in the upper left corner. My older cousin from next door who was one of my heroes and always a tough guy doesn't look that way as he grins in his cap and striped shirt on the lower left.

I'm the round cheeked toddler at the top right. I also see at least one other cousin and my two sisters and one of my three brothers in this but that's another story.

[As always: click on the photo to enlarge.]


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this photo Michael...and condolences to you.
It is always rewarding to read your posts. especially about your family.
Love you,

Joe Frango said...

In your last two posts, you've conveyed -- simply and candidly -- the tapestry of time and the threads of family woven throughout it. You made me reflect on how the years are too brief to express all the love that shapes them. The poignancy of passing time, somehow hidden as we go about our daily lives, is revealed too often (and too starkly) by the loss of loved ones. My condolences on the passing of your cousin-in-law, and my thanks for sharing.

Lally said...

Joe and Anon, thank you both for taking the time to notice and comment.