Sunday, July 31, 2011


The "debt ceiling" deal with its deficit reduction proposals so far looks like a win-win for the right. What the country and its economy needs is jobs and more money in the pockets of the poor and working people who always spend whatever money they get because they barely get by as it is.

Most economists agree that when the economy is weak—as it has been since Bush/Cheney created the largest deficit in history after inheriting the largest surplus in history—what it needs is more money put into the economy, and since corporations are sitting on the largest profits in history and contributing nothing (in fact in many cases TAKING taxpayer money) the only source of money is government spending.

But instead of putting more money into the economy (it began rebounding as soon as Obama got in and created his "stimulus" package, but that stimulus is mostly done now so the economy is sinking again) the right and the Republicans, that cater to it or buckle under to it, got the media and everyone else, including the president, to start talking about cutting spending, which obviously means cutting jobs, which obviously means more people out of work (making the Dems look bad, a win for the right) and therefore less consumer spending, which was the main generator of the economy, and thus a worse economy (another win for the right as it makes the Democrats look like they can't the the economy back up enough).

So if the deal announced tonight goes through, the Democrats have won nothing except putting off the next debt ceiling fight to after the 2012 elections, while the Republicans have won almost everything they wanted, including cuts to medicare etc. As one of the members of "The Black Caucus" put it tonight on MSNBC, if said if he were a Republican, he'd be partying tonight.

I guess the rest of us can just "tighten our belts" even tighter and put off that visit to the doc.

[I left that "if said if" in as an example of the post brain-op writing challenges I continue to have, making it necessary to correct more of these kinds of "mistakes the later it gets and the more tired I am. Which probably happens to non brain-op folks too, but just figured I'd leave it in and note it as a sign of where my particular brain is at at the moment.]


JIm said...
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Anonymous said...

well READ THIS O B J E C T I V E "take"
on what just happened:

seems like all we've done after all of this political posturing on both sides AND the middle

is pass "a $3 trillion package that will add $7 trillion to the deficit in the next 10 years"

-no new revenues
-no new jobs
-NO DOCTORS accepting Medicare or Medicaid OR any new patients
-18-24 % car, school,mortgage loans
- etc, etc

(this is the 'other' Anon... not the new one)

neither side has "won" very much !

We, the people, lose again...

just wait until this Commission decides what is "just and fair and balanced...

we better start a new phony war real quick to get us back on track !

as for the coming election ? I don't care who the Dem or who the Rep candidates are... Im voting 100% Third Party even if it is Pee Wee Herman ......

at least we'll die laughing

JIm said...
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Anonymous said...
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Lally said...

I don't insist on one point of view, but anyone who continually perpetrates lies to defend rightwing ideology that is hurting me and my family and my friends and my country, maybe irreversibly, will be deleted. And as for one point of view, most weeks there has been more legitimate criticism of Obama on this blog than support! But I will delete and comments that personally attack others in crude cursing ways, and any lies or justification of lies. As for the particular person I've been deleting regularly now, as I've pointed out before, if you want to see his opinions there are tons of them in the comment threads of past post ever since I began here, and they are as repetitive as most of us would imagine. E.g. a defense of representative government when rightwing politicians are writing policy and an attack on representative government and the legitimacy of elected officials (especially Obama) when centrist Democrats are elected (there are almost no leftiwing politicians or politics represented in this country at all outside of a handful like bernie Sanders and even he would be considered a centrist back when the left was actually potent in our politics.

Anonymous said...

and I firmly believe that the Republican's are worse ...

BOTH PARTIES firmly believe in THEIR BOBLE ..
especially the ...command that
"the rich shall rule the poor"

try this:

What We Wish Obama Had Said:

Obama sure is a disappointment just another Empty Brooks Brothers, $3,500 suit wearing the obligatory American Flag Pin and gold plated cross

JIm said...
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Robert Berner said...

Lal--Obama is indeed a disappointment, but it's also the case that we should have known better. As to attacks on representative government and elected officials, your readers might want to read the articles on ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, in the current issue of The Nation. ALEC is a Koch Brothers front that writes bills to be enacted by state legislatures, bills meant to undercut and supersede federal legislation. Other bills they write are intended to be introduced into Congress. In toto they add up to another facet of the plutocrats' program to dismantle and destroy everything we ever thought was part of The Social Contract.
Bob B.

JIm said...
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Robert Berner said...

Well, one always quotes polls that agree with one's own opinions, doesn't one? Never mind that we don't see the questions Gallup used to elicit the responses Jim so happily relays to us. But polls can be rigged, numbers can be jigged, and the public can be figged. It all depends on how you phrase the questions. Bob B.

Lally said...

Sorry Bob. I appreciate your response to the rightwing ideologue who seems to spend all his spare time commenting on this blog and those of friends of mine (some of which eliminated comments streams just because he was so tediously repetitive with the rightwing lies and misrepresentations and misinformation and etc.) but I don't want to subject myself or my friends and readers to his barrage of invective and justification of the destruction of the working people for the greater good of a tiny superrich elite. We've all already read and heard all that he parrots from his rightwing media masters.

JIm said...
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Anonymous said...


the "them" to a man/woman seem to have embraced
112 % that Bible .... thing
that says:

":the rich shall rule the poor and the borrowers shall be slaves of the lenders"

now what's been done is that instead of running toward the cliff we are walking towards it.

I'm switching to Independent now let's see if the Senate also, caves in for this temporary "fix"

a lot of rich people will double their money tomorrow playing the stock market

and a lot of the 'other kind' will lose another 30 +% of their IRA/Retirement portfolio value.


Anonymous said...


the Senate just adjourned until tomorrow & will got on the bill at noon.
the bill needs 60 votes to pass


it is my understanding that IF it passes the Senate with ANY minor change or addition it goes BACK to the

House where they will not be able to vote on it as they are required to so do if changes are made
before Aug 3 rd !


watch the stock market both tomorrow and Wednesday... especially in the first 20 mins when volume will set a record

this Senate ploy is more politics and is about the coming 2012 election

this BS is all manufactured that's why Pelosi said:

" no tax rise on the rich is NOT RIGHT. but, I'm voting for this bill because it is good for the country"

I've been a life long 4 th generation Democrat and will NEVER vote for a Republican so

I am switching to Independent

JIm said...
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Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Opinion piece written by my br Paul Aronsohn:

JIm said...
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Lally said...

Robert, the link didn't work for me, you might double check it.

Anonymous said...

The W. Post is right here

read what is happening and its effects of the bill
that will nearly automatically pass the Senate....

an example already is 1,000 FAA workers laid off
read the points re:
What the debt-deal means...

the Dems "sold us out" for their individual and collective political future ! The Repbs never did give a sh&* about anything other than Greed and Power..

now ? not two iota differences between the two parties ...

no reply necessary as any action bythepeople will not be for the people

any way you slice it we are beating an empty drum

I predict pretty soon the growth industry will be the police every grocery store will need an armed cop to
handle the former middle class the new poor from stealing food.

and, doctors will need armed protection from those they refuse to treat

this new bill will NOT solve anything ....

oh well, two more minuets and the stock market opens:

can hardly wait for an Hollywood movie to be made to

'thicken the plot"

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

sorry Michael, the late night cut and paste got jumbled. Here's Paul's piece: