Thursday, October 27, 2011


Unfortunately, the other night in Oakland was like a replay of a nighttime version of what happened in Berkeley during the "People's Park" protests in the Spring of 1969, when Reagan was governor and ordered  the troops out to disperse people who had created a wonderful neighborhood park out of a piece of land the University of California owned but had been used for quite a while as an unauthorized parking lot.

Flowering plants and homemade see saws and sandboxes were too much for the rightwing conservatives to allow the hippie students to plant or build or make. Then and even more so now, corporate greed must be justified, even deified and certainly protected by force and corporate criminals given passes or excused or if incarcerated put into country club prisons. But citizens with no corporate power are to be treated as criminals and less than human.

To paraphrase what someone else said: History may not be repeating itself here, but it's certainly rhyming.

PS: I'm sure you've already heard and read about the Iraq War veteran shot above by an Oakland Police tear gas canister, but here's a less catastrophic yet still horrific photo of another victim:


Robert Berner said...

Lal--People's Park is an apt reference, a historical precursor of Occupy Oakland. And do you also remember what "Ronny The Popular" said about People's Park before he sent in the helicopters to teargas it occupants? What he said was:
"If there is to be a bloodbath,
let it be here, let it be now."
And so it was. And if any of your readers don't believe it, you can look it up.
Bob B.

harryn said...

rubber bullets - a deterrent from what?
an opinion - an opposing ideology?
That's too close to an eye to be considered safe ...
And besides, what is a 'safe assault'?
It this land of lawyers you'd think someone would prosecute these idiots for 'civil' war crimes.
The corporate, media, and political audacity that's feeding this perversion of righteousness is making a compelling argument for mobilizing more consequential demonstrations.
And really, isn't this entire "occupation" demonstration a stand against 'right wing' and 'tea party' influence; the policies they endorse, the gridlock they encourage, and the hardships they mindlessly inflict?
Fortunately for them, the warm and fuzzy liberals have not yet had the fortitude (or lack of humanity) to paint targets where they're deserved.
Regarding that astute paraphrasing of history's repetition and rhyming - conditions were as unnatural then as now.
Its all about change and control - and the right wing's resistance to it ...

Lally said...

well put you guys

JIm said...
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JIm said...
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Robert G. Zuckerman said...

"Hopefully the unwashed, smelly, clueless and backed by Democrats/Socialists will hold out till election day, setting up the largest electoral sweep ever as Obama joins Carter on the dustbin of history."

October 29, 2011 9:44:00 AM EDT

As I know Jim's comment will rightfully be deleted, I'm quoting it here for all to see. Not only are you delusional Jim, you are hateful, bigoted, ignorant, hypocritical, and clueless to a degree far exceeding that which you ascribe to true Americans who are actually doing something to preserve your freedom and way of life. You are a traitor, and what we used to call is the schoolyard a pipsqueak.

JIm said...
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Lally said...

You were correct Robert. And his response was even more so. But predictably, he also threw in this line:

"How is that man caused global warming theory working for you. I understand that NYC is expecting the first pre Holloween snow storm since the Civil War."

Which illustrates why it is so frustrating and has become impossible to try and reason with rightwingers. I always note that when we have ice caps melting or heat waves in winter, etc. not a peep from the right. But extreme cold or winter weather creates an explosion of rightwing derision at "global warming" believers because their brains seem incapable of being penetrated by any reasonable and provable scientific or factual information that is in any way contrary to their ideology.

he doesn't even understand that this unusual pre-winter weather is actually MORE PROOF that global warming is causing extreme climate change and not only causing more death and destruction and damage to local and national and the world economy, but becoming more and more unpredictable except in the very short run, and then even there not as accurately as was possible back when I was a weather observer (the official title actually) in the Air Force, because back then there was a lot less extreme variation, which global warming has been accelerating, et-endlessly-cetera.

Anonymous said...

more important than Global warming

is that the (human) population of the world just
'blew past" 7 BILLION !

let us now confiscate the top 400's
& divide it by SEVEN BILLION

and spread around The Poverty !

maybe then (...)

JIm said...

Lally, The amount of your bullshit is astounding.

Anonymous said...

Jim, I was alive, obviously way after the civil war when there was a freak snow storm in October on the east coast in the late 80's. You're amount of bullshit is equally astounding. Please keep your opinions to yourself if they don't add any REAL thought to the conversation, for the billionth time!!!!!

Lally said...

Cait, I'm sorry I didn't spy that comment from the rightwinger sooner, but since you responded I'll leave it in. It's just so tiresome, the relentless self-righteousness of a this typical rightwinger who is incapable of admitting fallibility for himself or his ideology no matter how often it has been and continues to be proven wrong! It's also been proven that it is a waste of time and energy and breath to bother with people like him. They are not interested in anything other than provoking, and getting a big kick out of it. Notice Rick Perry's bringing up the birther issue, and then when it didn't stick because it's been proven to be based on lies so definitively, saying he was just "poking fun" at Obama. Try "poking fun" at the right and see how hard they laugh!

Robert G. Zuckerman said...
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Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Jim is so full of bullshit that his brain is saturated and surrounded by it,as are his eyes, which is why everything looks like bullshit to him - but what he's actually seeing is his own putrid bullshit. Thus, the only thing that appears real to him is actual bullshit