Thursday, October 20, 2011


So, Reagan and Bush Sr. made it clear they intended to put an end to Qaddafi on their watch. Bush Jr. and Cheney made it clear they intended to put an end to Bin Laden on theirs.

Well, we know how that turned out. Obama put an end to Bin Laden and now Qaddafi under his watch.

Hopefully, this will also put an end to the myth that Republicans are more reliable and successful in military and national security matters and foreign affairs.

But maybe not. Because despite the fact that the first war that didn't end in victory for the USA, Korea, ended in a bad truce on a Republican president's watch—Eisnehower—and the first total defeat the USA experienced, Viet Nam, occurred under another Republican president—Nixon.

The reality is, Republicans suck at foreign relations, national security and military capability (just look at the lack of armor for our troops while Republicans were running every branch of our government) (or how under Reagan terrorists first successfully used suicide bombs against a US military force—in Lebanon—resulting in Reagan going back on his pledge to defend Lebanon's freedom and instead pulling US troops out, or how under Bush Jr. and Cheney the worst attack on US soil was carried out on 9/11).

But the rightwing media—and the so-called mainstream media that fears their rightwing corporate masters as well as rightwing attacks on them for being "too liberal"—will allow the right to continue this myth through their propaganda and framing of all military and nationals security and foreign affairs issues in terms of: Republicans strong, Democrats weak. A complete and total and myth that has been dispelled over and over again by reality.

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