Thursday, June 14, 2012


Haven't missed a day of posting in a while. One of the reasons was/is I was trying to post a video, but since I downloaded an upgrade to my software a week or so ago I now can't get a lot of videos on Youtube and elsewhere.

People have suggested remedies, which haven't helped. Hopefully when I see my oldest son this weekend he'll be able to figure it out for me. Part of my problem is my laptop is over three years old now so in computer terms it and the system it uses is ancient history and incompatible with some recent software (and yes, I know I can upgrade the system. but unfortunately the point at which my MacBook Pro's system is demands I actually physically install, not download, a newer version, i.e. find a teeny weeny screwdriver somewhere and actually physically open the bottom of my laptop and take out the old one after actually physically purchasing the next level up and inserting it, and from there I can download at least the most recent upgrade though in three years that'll probably have some new challenge that'll make it seem a lot easier to most folks to just buy a new computer, which I take it a lot of folks do these days as a matter of course).

I also had joined Linkedin because so many folks kept inviting me to and I thought I'd be helping them in some way by adding to their connections. But I quit because they notified me that my password had been stolen by some deliberate hacking (I heard it on the news on NPR days before I was notified by Linkedin) and therefore all my passwords throughout the Internet were now compromised. But when I tried to change my password on Linkedin the process kept throwing up barriers that made it not worth the time and effort so I just quit Linkedin instead. Though I'm not sure that doesn't still leave me vulnerable.

They warned that my email address list could be compromised, and it seems to have been since I now get all kinds of emails supposedly from friends in my online address book that obviously aren't from them and are either junkmail or what they call "phishing" expeditions. But, interestingly (and hopefully my oldest son can help me with this too) when I try to change the password for my email it won't let me!

Ah, life in the age of... Hey, have you noticed how movies from even just several years ago don't have any of the devices and ways of using them that now seem so normal? It seems odd enough in a film when someone has to find a phone to make a call to stop a murder, or whatever, instead of just using their cell phone. But it's become equally as odd that they don't have a smart phone to look stuff up, and all the other conveniences my iPhone provides that balances out all the aggravation from my recent encounters with my laptop that I started this post with.

As always, there's "good" and "bad" in everything, my choice how I react. Last night it was by giving up.  Today, I'll give it another shot.


Robert Berner said...

Lal--Welcome to the ranks of The Hacked. Last week a friend of mine in Mexico City got hacked, and the hackers got her address book and sent out a scam get-rich-working-
from-home message. These thieves got into the address books of all the people in my friend's address book and sent more of the same message, so everyone in my address book got one of these come-ons disguised to look like it was a message that I sent. I'm still cleaning up that mess, but at least I was able to get a new password the next day, and I'll have a new user ID and e-mail address shortly. It's almost enough to make me want to go back to pen-and-paper, envelopes and stamps, and the Post Office.
Bob B.

Lally said...

I hear ya Bob. I still dig, and use, snail mail for some stuff. And as for your address book, one of the phony emails I got was supposedly from you so it may have been the hacker one your comment mentions. Yikes!

AlamedaTom said...

Tons of examples of movies/tv seeming outdated. Here is a small one: Amazon Prime streaming has made available all of the episodes of NYPD Blue. Eileen and I have watched about 3/4 of Season 1. Aside from the obvious fat computer monitors, the thing that is really jarring is the detectives' guns. They all have those little itty bitty snub nosed "police specials," which of course were standard issue in 1994. Now days all the cops have big 9mm Glocks and such, so it really seems weird to see Andy and John pulling out their peashooters to take down a door or whatever.
Can't wait to see the episode where you had that huge part. As I recall, you character's name is Warren, right?
~ Willy

Lally said...

Close Willy, it was Walter Hoyt, but it was when Jimmy Smits replaced David what's his name. I'd worked with Jimmy before on LA LAW and he proved to be the nicest most caring and generous actor I ever worked with period. An incredibly good guy.

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