Monday, June 25, 2012



tpw said...

By "we" be clearly means republicans.

tpw said...

"He" not "be."

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

A teenaged couple, two women, were shot with large caliber bullets in their heads in a park in Texas. One died, the other is in the hospital, expected to live as of yesterday (6/26). Another in a tragically endless stream of examples of why gun ownership and acquisition must be abolished at once. Guns are not for target practice, nor are they for getting food. Nor will they protect us from an invading country or group, from bombs, plans, germ warfare etc. Guns have a single true purpose - to kill - and unless and until we as a society have the capacity of character and thoughtfulness to a gun is a last resort measure, and not first resort, not second, third, fourth...100th resort,--that is, until people know this and can handle possessing a gun in the proper manner, then gun availability must be abolished, be eliminated as a possibility.