Tuesday, July 10, 2012


So, I guess I did something I shouldn't have, though I did nothing I'm not always doing, but for some reason I cannot access any videos on the web anywhere. I had some trouble with this a few weeks ago or so and my oldest son helped me straighten it out. At that time I was having trouble accessing some videos. Starting yesterday just after I shared a YouTube video on this blog, I lost all access to that and every other video on my blog or anyone else's.

I tried going through the Adobe Flash help pages but they were saying they were showing me something that wasn't there. When I tried to follow directions anyway, I just ended up with another downloaded version of the original flash player that also didn't work. When in frustration I finally called the company, I got a man in India who seemed pleasant enough but he was having difficulty understanding me and I was finding it almost impossible to understand him.

I've "met" over the phone many helpful folks who are working in corporate customer service out of India who I have no trouble understanding. But this guy could not make much clear, except that if I wanted help I'd have to pay for it. But it seemed counterproductive to pay for help from someone I was having trouble even understanding (and vice versa) so I gave up. My older son can help me maybe go through some steps on the phone that might lead to a solution.

But if anyone wants to know why the jobs reports keep coming out "disappointing" according to the media (though they remain better under Obama than his predecessors, and a good portion of the problem is the loss of government jobs, both federal, state and local, the very unions the right is trying to dismantle, could that have anything to do with the fact that many who hold down government jobs are minorities?) one reason is that corporations aren't hiring, at least not in the USA (just like Romney's money, most corporations like whichever one owns Adobe would rather put their profits in their pockets than in the pockets of U.A. workers, or U.S. banks for that matter.

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