Friday, July 6, 2012


One of my favorite performance artists and writers since back in the 1970s when I first caught him at one of the New Year's marathons at the St. Mark's Poetry Project, Johnny Stanton is also now known as the husband of Elinor Nauen whose recent books I've posted about here.

All I know is he was hit by a car, I assume in Manhattan where they live, and was banged up pretty badly and is being operated on today. So let's keep him in our thoughts and send him and Elinor our prayers and love.

[PS: The operation was to reconstruct a shattered knee. Here's to a full recovery that sees Johnny up and dancing before too long.]

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Amy Baron said...

I’m hoping for Johnny's speedy recovery. That is bad. The knee is essential for a person’s mobility. Let's hope that it's not an ACL. What happened to the driver that hits Johnny? I hope he did not just flee the scene. I hope his family would take legal action against that driver in order to teach him a lesson. Every driver must have a sense of responsibility while driving.