Thursday, July 12, 2012


If, like me, you didn't get a chance to see THE GUARD when it came out last year, I highly recommend you catch it when you can. It's a bit of a fantasy, but a well played, written and directed one, about an Irish cantankerous cop who sees through most people's shite (as me mother used to say) and is misjudged by most people. He's played by Brendan Gleeson and that's reason enough for my taste to see it.

But then he gets to play off Dob Cheadle, another actor I can always watch even in bad films and get something from, but thankfully THE GUARD isn't a bad film. It's actually a treat. The supporting cast is all excellent with the likes of Fionnula Flanagan (whom, full disclosure, I know) and Liam Cunningham and too many others to list. But for my taste, there wasn't a false move in the entire film.

The plot and writing are at times obvious, but then there'll be just the sweetest little twist that'll keep you wanting more, or at least it did me. In fact, I could watch a movie with the same cast tonight if one was on.  So put it on your list, or catch it if you can with random channel surfing like I did. Either way you, I predict, won't be disappointed.


AlamedaTom said...

Just put it at the top of my Netflix queue in blu-ray format.

~ Willy

Lally said...

Cool. Let me know what you think.