Saturday, June 8, 2013


It's late and I'm tired but from a full evening that included a late dinner with two good friends and catching the music of a band, Sea of Otters, that the two sons of two of my late cousins (one passed a few years ago, the other several decades ago, but both cousins I was close to growing up) front.

Nothing better, or not much, than hanging with good friends swapping stories, eating good food and then catching some live music by people you care for. Sweet night. May they all be.


Robert G. Zuckerman said...

I'm sure the now murdered people at Santa Monica College, blocks away from your old digs, felt the same way. Sorry to interrupt this posting with an emergency newsflash, but we are in the midst of a plague that cries to be healed. I just wrote to the White House and my new daily mantra is "Guns Gone." Guns are anti life and all the so called right to lifers need to wake up and help eliminate guns from the real world and from all media. They are not entertaining and we must hasten their inevitable elimination from existence. In their place, out capacities and abilities for dialog, understanding, awareness, mindfulness, tolerance, acceptance, inclusion and selflessness will grow and take hold.

Lally said...

I hear you Robert. The NPR studios were on that campus. I was there often for interviews etc. Watching it unfold on the news and seeing those familiar streets and buildings and knowing friends who live in that neighborhood did bring this tragedy even closer than usual. I have always been against and now even more so the glorification of violence of any kind, but especially gun violence, in our culture and entertainment. The desensitizing of each generation to the increasing levels of gun violence in film and on TV, for instance, is criminal in itself.

JenW said...

Some other ways for us to get involved and help-