Wednesday, July 17, 2013


A day or two ago poet and friend Ron Silliman posted a link to an interview I did for the NPR show BOOKWORM back in the late 'nineties after my book CANT BE WRONG came out. The interviewer whose show that is, Michael Silverblatt, not only knew my work well, as he always does the work of his interviewees, but asked questions and made observations that make it my best recorded interview I think.

It was a total surprise to see this so many years later on SILLIMAN'S BLOG, which I think was the first and most followed poetry blog on the web. And I'm grateful that the show might get a few more listeners as a result (and hopefully that book a few more readers).

Then this morning I had brunch with Doctor Mindy Thompson Fullilove, a brilliant professor from Columbia (of "Clinical Sociomedical Sciences" as well as Clinical Psychiatry) and the author most recently of URBAN ALCHEMY Restoring Joy in America's Sorted-Out Cities, a book I look forward to reading, and after the introduction and first few pages am already preparing to turn people on to.

And I just discovered a post she did about our brunch on her blog, COUNTDOWN TO MAIN STREET, which tracks her visits to cities and towns as she looks into the health of communities from a holistic approach that especially focuses on the ways inequities and separations that contribute to the decline of cities can be reversed. I plan to be a regular reader and have just added a link to the blog to my list of recommended blogs and sites on the lower right so you can see for yourself.

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