Tuesday, July 30, 2013


This take on the Weiner "scandal."


Anonymous said...

Qualities required to be Mayor of NYC---ability to administer a huge bureaucracy; ability to make realistic assessments of difficult problems and exercise good judgement in addressing them; ability to make decisions and lead in emergencies and times of crisis; ability to form and maintain stable working relationships with a wide variety of people; Necessary to embody a sense of integrity and competence in order to represent, inspire and lead the world's most diverse city. One cannot operate or seem to operate compulsively and by the use of deception buttressed by denial. The office of mayor is a major step up for Weiner after only a few months at best of non compulsive behavior. Spitzer is going for a job a couple of levels below his previous position after 5 years without any reported compulsive behavior. Bill L.

JIm said...
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