Monday, July 15, 2013


Here's the back up band Joan Osborne had with her at the concert I saw Sunday evening when they did this tune. But picture her extending this version much longer, doing much more with her voice, her hips and the rest of her body, sometimes involving a tambourine hitting a swaying hip, getting energy from a crowd that was totally into her every gesture, every fluctuation of her smile or voice or movement, at least in the thirty yard thick crowd in front of the shoulder high stage, and the fact the temperature and humidity were way high and the stage lights burning in the dark night and everyone sweating and grooving to the beat and her mesmerizing presence and you get a slight idea of why I'm still high on her performance.

[PS: here's another taste, gotta watch it to the end to get it]


JenW said...

Wow- her Shake Your Hips is hot, hot, hot & I'm going just by the video. That was some treat you had up close with Joan and her awesome band. I love her singing with the Holmes Brothers & Keith Cotton too - a couple of slower songs I came across earlier- very jazzy and full of her soulful rhythm. Hope to see her in concert one day too. Lucky you!

Jamie Rose said...