Thursday, February 27, 2014


Me in my favorite shirt (that I've been reminded was a vintage one my old friend poet Robert Slater sent me when I was living in L.A.) with Dennis Christopher in my left arm, but unfortunately my memory fails me for the man I have my right arm around, 1982 or '83.
The ever volatile Helena Kallianiotes from FIVE EASY PIECES and owner of the East L.A. club partly owned by Jack Nicholson—HELENA'S—where I started the weekly poetry reading series, Poetry In Motion, with Eve Brandstein and help from others, c. '86 or maybe later.
Acort, at the time (in my play CHICKS WITH D*CKS for one thing but also on Tv etc.) Emil Alexander (aka Emilio Schneeman) all the way to my right, and in them middle David, better known as "Memory Man" an amazing memory performer who could memorize a multi digit number you made up, I mean endlessly long number, with one look and recite it back to you backwards! around '95?
Me and actor, at that time, Jim Keefe, also in the same play (the pics were taken at the theater or actually outside it).
Harry Dean (Stanton) and my partner in Poetry in Motion, Eve Brandstein and me at Club Largo which our reading series helped put on the map when it opened, c. early '90s.
me and Jeff Kober with his son Henry at my 50th birthday party in the house I rented in Santa Monica, with I think my good friend Michael O'Keefe behind him to his left and it looks like my old friend Jamie Rose in the doorway talking to my daughter Caitlin, 1992.
Actress and dancer Mimi Lieber and me in what looks like it may be The Pink? c. early '90s.
Actor, dancer and professional clown (when we first met in NYC) and later poet and performance artist Eric Trules, my oldest son Miles, filmmaker and old NYC friend Carol Dysinger and me c. late '80s.
My old friend from NYC days, Sharon Stone, and me at my 50th b'day in my Santa Monica home, '92.

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