Monday, February 3, 2014


I never met him, but I knew people who had worked with him, and they had good things to say about him. It is so terrible and sad that he had too go while still at the peak of his artistry. The saddest thing about it, and about addiction in general, is how many others are hurt by it besides the addict, like family and friends, but saddest of all, the addict's kids.

May they recover someday from the trauma of losing their father so early in their lives, and may the rest of his family and friends do so too. His troubles are over, but the troubles this kind of death cause unfortunately  aren't.


-K- said...

Nice words from NY Times writer David Carr (from The Medium website):

He built an amazing life while the rest of us got to watch and somewhere in there, forgot or lost the ability to enjoy the promises that recovery had delivered. I don’t blame him or condemn him or second-guess him.

Robert Berner said...

Lal--We have to hope that he left a will that provides for his old lady and their three kids. Otherwise they are,as we used to say S.O.L.
Bob B.

Lally said...

K: Thanks for the quote. To mix a couple of other old insights: second guessing is a chump's game. and Bob, let's hope.