Monday, February 17, 2014


I know he had a good long life and he passed last week, but I wanted to get a small tribute to Sid Caesar on this blog before I forgot, because he brought so much pleasure to me as a boy in his comic bits on YOUR SHOW OF SHOWS, the first great TV sketch comedy show. I loved everything he did with Imogene Coca, especially, but with all the cast members. And I always fell out of my chair laughing when he did his many made up versions of "foreign" languages. His writers get a lot of attention because they went on to their own fame: Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks (that's Mel up there on the beach with Sid), Woody Allen, et. al. But to keep it short and the focus just on him, here's a silent bit that shows what an amazing physical comic he was without help from anyone's words or presence:

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