Tuesday, February 4, 2014


This morning my good friend Bill stopped by for a visit and asked if I'd written another "Winter Wonderland" post on my blog. Having a little fun with me, because I've written one for almost every snowstorm we've had, and it's starting to get repetitive (the snowstorms, and the "Winter Wonderland" posts).

And the fact is, I was thinking of writing one but couldn't find the words this time. Because the snow had stopped, the sky was blue, the sun was out and reflecting off the pure white landscape in a way that made the whole day seem like an elaborate set for the movie "Winter Wonderland."

It had been a heavy snow, and even the topmost branches in the trees, which are plentiful in my town, had what looked like several inches of it crowning them like...well, that's the problem, I can't think of how to describe it, it was almost like the branches and everything else were uniquely full of new snow that obviously had a weight to it (some trees and bushes were bent over from it) and yet seemed so pliant, as if the world had been suddenly covered in the whitest ice cream you ever saw and the sun was beginning to melt a bit.

Scrumptious comes to mind. Certainly gorgeous. And no way to capture anything more than a snippet of it in a photo because to walk out into it was to be surrounded with whiteness, giving every thing it covered a suddenly sensuous shape it never had before.

Anyway, I asked my teenager to take a photo just for us as we drove to the grocery store (to stock up for the snow and ice storm due to start in a few hours), but he wanted to do it later, after we got back, because he had a shot in mind. But by the time we got back, big chunks of snow were already falling or sliding off everything, the topmost branches of the trees already bare again.

So the only photo I have of this morning's "Winter Wonderland" world is in my memory, with a lot of other long gone scenes that still bring joy to my heart when I recall them.  


AlamedaTom said...

Lucky you. 2013 driest year in history for California. 2014 has brought only sporadic showers. We have not skied even one day so far this season. Fire danger very high. Of course there is no such thing as climate change is there.

~ Willy

Lally said...

Eventually, the lack of fresh water and ruination of crops from droughts or unseasonably cold weather etc. will lead to enough disruption of the water and food supply to make it imperative to take measures to change....change what, will be the question...

Lally said...

Oh, and by the way, I have a nephew who lives in Alaska and he hasn't been able to ski this season because there hasn't been enough snow on the slopes (it's been an historically warm winter for that usually ice box state, but you don't hear Palin talking about it...)