Thursday, April 23, 2015


When I wrote this post about the film BOYHOOD back when it first came out last year, I thought it should win all the awards. I saw it in the theater that time but did receive a screener (disc made for awards season to send to voters) and watched it tonight with a friend.

Seeing it a second time, I have to say it isn't just the best film made last year, it's one of the best films ever made, for my taste. I had the opportunity to watch more closely the transitions from year to year in a story that covers twelve years in a boy's life in real time and they are incredibly well written and acted and even more incredibly directed and edited.

The performances not only held up, watching it a second time and on a smaller screen, but impressed me even more, including the most minor roles. BOYHOOD is not just a unique work of film art, but a unique work of any kind of art. It's singular and brilliant, especially in the ways it understates that singularity and brilliance.

I know some folks who weren't so impressed because the story isn't flashy or contrived in the usual plot point ways. They're entitled to their opinion, but mine is: BOYHOOD should be in the top ten if not five of any film lover's list of greatest movies ever.

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