Friday, April 24, 2015


So next Thursday, April 30th, at 6:30PM, at the "official" Rutgers University New Brunswick bookstore (Barnes & Noble), I will be reading some poems from my new book, SWING THEORY, as will Joanna Fuhrman and Tom Devaney from their new books, THE YEAR OF YELLOW BUTTERFLIES and RUNAWAY GOAT CART (click here for the store's event announcement and details).

If you live in the area I'd love to see you there.

[PS: I'll be reading with Dale Herd and Lewis Warsh on May 10th in lower Manhattan for those for whom that may be a more convenient location.]


-K- said...

When will "Swing Theory" be available???

Lally said...

The pub date is May 15th but it seems to be available now according to friends who have ordered it from Amazon.