Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I wrote about the experience a friend of my teenage son had when she skateboarded through Columbus Circle with a friend and a NYC cop tackled her and threw her to the ground because she was intimidated when he ran at her and tried to protect herself by moving away. Here's the link to that post.

Her and her friend were kept in a Manhattan jail all night and arraigned in the morning for resisting arrest (no charges for whatever she was supposedly being arrested for, which was skateboarding in Columbus Circle, even though she was just passing through on her way downtown). Her public defender didn't say one word through the proceeding, so she pleaded guilty to get out of jail and back home to Jersey.

The boy in this video was also arrested for resisting arrest but no charges for whatever law he was supposedly being arrested for breaking. Fortunately someone captured it on their phone. It's the same exact cop who tackled my son's friend, a tiny female who instinctively held on to her board (imagine if it were an adult heading for work with their computer and a cop rushed at them to grab the computer and take it away, the instinct would be to hold on to it etc.) as this boy did.

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