Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I was talking to a friend yesterday who had spent two years at a cool college and then had to leave. She was explaining how she just now, almost a decade after that, has payed off the entire amount those two years cost. But because she didn't qualify for a government student loan and had to take out a private loan, she now has to pay the interest that accumulated over that almost decade and that amount equals the original cost of the two years of college so will take another almost decade.

I've been hearing, and using, the word "overwhelmed" a lot lately, and a lot of that comes from this ridiculous "American corporate vicious capitalism" we have to deal with that makes us the only advanced country on earth that doesn't have universal health care, free college educations, paid family leave etc. while being distracted by the bread and circuses of social media and their hypnotic devices used to make us feel the pressure of "keeping in touch" and "keeping up."

"American capitalism" right now has evolved into a rapacious exploiter and abuser of all of us. And like some of my Irish relatives and friends would say: feck that.

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