Sunday, April 10, 2016


The title of this movie seems to be missing something, like "MAN" or "DERBY"—and as a result didn't attract me to it at all. I saw it last night because a friend wanted to. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal, a movie star many people, especially women, find wonderful. I find him competent, and yes his brooding dark eyes are compelling no matter what he's in, and sometimes his acting is brilliant, I admit.

He does his usual competent job in DEMOLITION, a movie in which he's in almost every scene, if not every, and has moments of sheer brilliance as well. But the script is a mixed bag of contrivance and manipulation balanced by unexpected originality and discovery. And two of the supporting actors are always worth watching: Chris Cooper and Naomi Watts.

But the real revelation and the reason I find this movie worth seeing is the young newcomer Judah Lewis. Every scene he's in he draws all the focus because his presence and performance is so completely compelling. It's like watching the young River Pheonix, an actor I still constantly miss.

So, I recommend checking DEMOLITION out.

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