Friday, April 22, 2016


You can look up his great guitar licks and hits, but a probably now forgotten song he recorded in 1971 perfectly expressed my state of mind and heart when under the influence of the burgeoning feminist and gay pride movements I was struggling with letting go of thirty years of straight male macho posturing in early 1972: his singing "Lay It Down" from his lp THE HILLS OF INDIANA, a song he didn't even write (I think it was Gene Thomas) but nonetheless sang so expressively, for me, when I put it on the turntable and then began to climb the stairs in the commune I lived in at the time I felt he was singing directly to me and suddenly was so overwhelmed from my own long struggle to "lay it down" I collapsed on a step sobbing, first time I'd cried in twenty-three years, since I was seven...and now big Mack has laid it down...

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