Friday, April 8, 2016


That's what they're calling a series of concerts going on right now featuring MANHATTAN TRANSFER and TAKE SIX. I got to see one tonight in Morristown NJ, which may have been the first in the series, and it was full of so many high points I couldn't begin to describe them.

It's enough to say that large numbers of folks (in a full house that I estimate contains over a thousand seats) were spontaneously jumping up for standing ovations after individual songs before the entire house stood up at the end, and others were just popping up explosively during high lights of performances mid-song.

I had to wipe tears from my face, not just my eyes, at a couple of numbers that were so spectacular I was that moved (like when two guys from TAKE SIX replaced the two guys from TRANSFER to sing with the two ladies "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" or when the two groups together sang "Like Someone in Love" with amazing harmonies and feeling)... be still alive at my age and to see groups that have been around since the '70s (TRANSFER) and '80s (TAKE SIX) hit notes most twenty-year-olds can't, overwhelmed me with gratitude to just bear witness to such talent and stamina. You go boys and girls. Too late to stop now.

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