Monday, May 30, 2016


This day was intended to honor those who died in war while in the military. Sometimes people get confused and use it to honor all military veterans and those still on active duty, which is fine, but not what "Memorial Day" means.

Having served four years in the military myself, I hate the way our society insists all who serve are somehow brave and/or honorable and do it for the highest most selfless reasons. I joined the service to get back at my girlfriend at the time and because I knew the draft would get me eventually anyway (back in the day when they still had the draft).

And many I met while serving were not selfless or honorable or brave at all. Though some were. I'm not denigrating anyone else's service or saying those who saw combat, which I didn't, aren't to be honored and cared for because of their sacrifice, they should be. Like the woman I tried to memorialize in this post two years ago.

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