Thursday, May 5, 2016


Got my copy of my latest book of poems, THE VILLAGE SONNETS, from Word Palace Press, and am delighted with the way it looks (and reads). Kudos to all involved. This small collection is actually a section of an endless project I've been working on for years, an attempt to not forget, and to pay homage to, the people who have peopled my life. THE VILLAGE SONNETS cover the period of my late teens (1959 to early 1962 just before I turned twenty) when Greenwich Village was a big part of my existence.

The website for the press does not seem set up, as of yet, to order through them, though it should be set up soon. But in the meantime, THE VILLAGE SONNETS is available on Amazon, which has its faults but is still the conduit for purchasing the result of a lot of creative energy and effort on the part of all involved in Word Palace, to whom I am grateful.

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