Saturday, May 7, 2016


This is a marvelous movie. I can never get enough of based-on-a-true-story-fish-out-of-water films when they're done well. And this one is done excellently. Dev Patel and Jeremy Irons, as the Indian genius Srinivas Ramanujan and his mentor and collaborator G. H. Hardy, deserve nominations for their performances. And though I could quibble with some choices, the subtleties in the writing often resonate with deeper meanings than the surface story has time to tell.

Directed well by Matt Brown, even the smaller roles are beautifully played by actors I always want to see more of, like Toby Jones and Stephen Fry, to mention only two. But the real revelation is Devika Bhise, a soothingly lovely young actress who perfectly plays Patel's character's wife in a subplot that was done so well it brought me to tears. Well worth seeing.

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