Tuesday, July 19, 2016


I have a rightwing troll on my blog as many of you know. The one whose comments years ago forced me to screen commenters and thus be able to eliminate his comments, though I still get them before I trash them. I usually don't read them because why, but also because they echo all the rightwing propaganda outlets to the point of actually often parroting Fox News commentary or Rush's et. al. verbatim.

But I did notice yesterday a brief comment that suggested I should join the BLM (conservative language masters don't want to even say the name in full—Black Lives Matter—for fear the reality will rub off) and Panthers and go with them to kill cops and he asserts Obama and Hilary won't object!

Talk about the bubble. It's a parallel universe, as I'm sure readers of this well know, that goes beyond intellectual comprehension. It is all feelings based, and the prominent feeling is fear, especially in its manifestations as feeling neglected, overlooked and abandoned. Feelings aren't facts, as we know, but they can win elections.

This particular troll, I grew up with, went to catholic grammar and high schools with. Our reality is that I come from a cop clan, descended from my Irish immigrant cop grandfather, and the house I lived in then was in an ethnic and immigrant neighborhood and could fit into a portion of the lawn of the house he grew up in, in a wealthy, WASPy neighborhood with a few upwardly mobile Irish-American families like his.

I served in the military, he didn't. I had cops in my life on a daily basis, including in my home and immediate family when I was growing up, he made fun of my brother the cop and others in my clan from his privileged family position. And I believe he's typical of the rightwing mindset: petty, delusional, hateful, infantile, and scared to death that their privileged way of life is threatened, or the privileged life they imagine can be theirs is threatened by people more compassionate, experienced, intelligent, honest and hopeful than them.

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