Friday, July 22, 2016


Yes, I watched it. I like to know what my enemies are up to. Even though in the end, I didn't have to watch it to know what it was about. The usual rightwing fear mongering and dog whistles you'd expect.

Outright claims that the country is less safe than ever, when statistics prove the opposite. And what are the threats to our safety? Terrorists and lawless immigrants were named, then the old Nixon dog whistle "law & order" meaning even more African-Americans are going to prison under a Trump presidency, especially the Black Lives Matter protesters.

It was a litany of fears, to which the only solution is strong-man rule by the-bad-Mussolini-imitator Trump (his compulsion to constantly show his profile to the camera, jaw jutting a la Mussolini makes me think he actually studied footage of El Duce's speeches).

His promise to evangelicals to get rid of the Johnson amendment that prevents tax exempt churches from publicly supporting political candidates and parties would make all taxpayers foot the bill for even more rightwing propaganda and proselytizing.

His followers, like Faux News watchers, are incapable of seeing hypocrisy when it's sitting on their own heads, as Trump railed against companies shipping jobs to China to an audience wearing "Make American Great Again" hats that were MADE IN CHINA!

The sad news is, his defeat is dependent on a big turnout of voters for Hilary, so anyone who votes for a third party candidate or stays home out of disappointment in both candidates, will see Trump win and, as he made clear, appoint judges to The Supreme Court that will make previous rightwing dominated courts seem like liberal playgrounds.

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