Wednesday, August 3, 2016


This movie was highly recommended by many and various friends. They were sure I'd love it, and they were correct. Despite some inconsistencies and contrivances CAPTAIN FANTASTIC is so delightful and refreshing, while still dealing in depth with some pretty serious subjects, I can't recommend it enough.

I have to admit that I'm a big fan of Viggo Mortensen since the first tine I saw him on screen and was relieved to see a male lead with old Hollywood screen charisma, the kind that can display a gentle and flawed yet still manly character, and none of that contemporary trend of being boyish, or in comedy flicks, even adolescent despite playing grown men.

I could rave about all the actors, which must be credited in large part to the director/writer Matt Bass, who is also an excellent actor which may have something to do with his directing chops, that and the cinematography, the big screen totally mesmerizing rugged landscape scenes, being politically incorrect but from the farther left perspective for a change, (the only nudity being finally only male, also for a change, pointed out by my friend Rachel), and more, but just go see for yourself.


Bob said...

Yeah, Viggo is a pretty cool cat. I know he also paints, writes poetry, and has a small press that published a book of poems by the late Scott Wannberg. Haven't seen this film but will keep an eye out for it. I think I first became a fan after watching the film, THE ROAD, and then searched out other films he's been in which I enjoyed and seemed to be different and original.

Lally said...

yeah Bob, that's another great thing about Mortensen, his choice of roles and movie stories...a true original...