Sunday, August 7, 2016


DON'T THINK TWICE is the the definition of an indie movie. Its subject matter is about an improv theater group, the indies of theater. The storyline is about the joy of artistic creation—in this case improvised comedy with audience participation—and the challenges of same. It's pretty serious for a comedy, and pretty funny for a serious flick.

The cast should get a SAG award nod for ensemble acting, without which the movie wouldn't work since it's all about an ensemble. A fictitious improv group called "The Commune" that works incredibly well together while individually dreaming and at times scheming to make it to the big time, a parody of Saturday Night Live called Weekend Live.

There are no movie stars in it, (except for a cameo by Ben Stiller playing himself) unless you count Keegan-Michael Key made famous for his TV sketch comedy with his partner Peele both of whom recently starred in a movie that didn't do so well. The rest of the cast is also known for TV gigs if at all, but the breakout star is Gillian Jacobs as the best of the troupe who has different ideas about success.

The rest of the cast—Kate Micucci, Chris Gethard, Tami Sagher and the film's writer/director and part of the ensemble cast Mike Birbiglia—are all terrific. And Biglia's movie making is so sweetly artisan, both personal and unsensational, DON'T THINK TWICE feels almost like a home made documentary, its artistry underplayed and reality influenced. What can I say, I enjoyed it and am glad it got made.

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