Monday, August 1, 2016


My take on polls this election season is they can't be relied on even more than usual. I suspect many who will pull the lever (or press the button or whatever election machine they vote on has) for Trump as a protest, or because they want to see what happens and secretly desire some kind of dramatic even chaotic, change, even it is hurts them, will not admit their choice to any pollster, after all the outcry against Trump even from his political or natural allies...even more reason to not only vote against Trump but to get out the vote against him by working to elect Hilary....because any other choice is a de facto vote for Trump...and if you don't get she's better than him for The Supreme Court, women's rights, minorities and immigrant's rights, kids, Social Security, pensions, etc. I'm afraid you're out of touch with reality or deciding your ideals mean more than having a rightwing Supreme Court or privatized Social Security or a diminishment instead of expansion of the rights of women and minorities and immigrants etc...

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