Wednesday, June 7, 2017


If you have HBO or can get access to HBO documentaries, this is one to check out. Maybe you have to be my age to find it as fun and inspiring as I did, but I don't think so. Carl Reiner steers us through interviews with, and the activities of, people ninety and over. A hundred-year-old, still working professionally,  piano-playing song writer; a hundred year old runner still participating in track events; etc. Some are famous and most are accomplished and "of means"—as they used to say for rich folks—so that obviously might help with their attitudes. But not all are, which implies it's not always that.

They talk about what they think gives them not just their longevity, but their vitality. Still exercising in most cases, some more than others, some still dancing or doing yoga or writing or doing comedy or etc. All enjoying life still, active and mostly self sufficient. There's younger folk, Jerry Seinfeld for one, sharing some of their own philosophy of how to have a happy and active life, but mostly it's just really old people making me look forward to hitting my own nineties in fifteen years.

After watching this I turned it off thinking bring it on.

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