Thursday, June 22, 2017


This photo looks like it was taken in 1949-50, when we got a thirteen-inch-screen TV and our living room was always full of folks watching the new-fangled device. The photo too was displaying new-fangled technology, being in color, or what passed for it at the time.

From the viewer's left to right, the back row is my grandma Dempsey, who lived with us, my cousin Rosemary who often stayed at our place, and on the couch my mom, my Aunt Rose (Rosemary's widowed mother), somebody else we can't see, and my brother Robert. Those on the floor are my cousin Micki, who lived down the street, my cousin Mary Lynn, who lived next door, my sister Joan, with me confronting the camera, my ever present black cowboy hat with white stitching hanging down my back. Everyone in this photo gone now, except for Mary Lynn and me.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo, Michael.
Harry Northup