Thursday, June 29, 2017


Terene Winch, the late Ed Cox and me (wearing Terry's hat) in DC c. 1972
Doug Lang, Terence Winch, and me (wearing Doug's shades) in DC c. 1977

Harry Dean Stanton, Eve Brandstein (she and I talked Harry into writing something for our weekly poetry series Poetry In Motion) in L.A. c. 1990
Aram Saroyan, Terence Winch and me in L.A. c. 1995
Malachy McCourt, me, and the late Daniel Cassidy in SF c. 1998
Simon Pettet, me, and Anabel Lee at my 60th birthday party in The Berkshires 2002
Susan Hayden, Ben Brandstein, and me in NYC earlier this year

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Bob said...

Always enjoy the poet pics, especially the older ones. It doesn't seem you can keep your hands off of Winch's stuff! (hats, shades, etc.)