Thursday, March 1, 2018


me and Caitlin shorty after she was born in our apartment in Iowa City, 1968
me holding Miles and the late Lee Lally holding Caitlin outside our "garden apartment" complex in Hyattsville, Maryland, 1970
same place another angle
Miles and Caitlin inside our Hyattsville MD apartment 1971
Caitlin and Miles after we moved to Santa Monica CA 1982-3
cheerleader Caitlin for Santa Monica High, 1985-6?
grandkid Donovan and his dad Miles, grandkid Eli on my lap next to Eli's mom Caitlin with my youngest, Flynn on her lap in Massachusetts c. 2012?
Flynn, me, Miles, Donovan, Hannah (Miles' partner), Caitlin, and Eli in the kitchen of my apartment in New Jersey February 2018

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