Saturday, June 6, 2020


Blk Man Made Blues in Jail;
"working...the chain-gang"
back when American
Plantation songs were being
Created enslaved blacks
We're greatly suffering.
Cotton was King.
Tobacco, indigo, sugar cane
Farms were places
Where owners (white)
Got rich. 'Slaves" got beat,
Tortured. Chained
Hog tied and put in check.
Those big guys especially
They would be broken
To put fear into the chattel
The (non-human) workers
Free labor that got abused
So much it looked "normal"
To whip "nigg*rs" let em know
"Whose the boss"
Since a small child
Just seeing
Someone's father, brother,
Sister, mother thrown down
"Restrained" by white officers
Looks like slavery days. Oh lordy.
Behind the jail bars
Behind the slave shacks
Soul music was born...
Working those "prison farms."
Making the slave holders rich.
Money. Money. Money.
"Where that jigga boo
Get that "stolen money"
He's a "typical one
With a long jail record."
He's No Good Guy.....
Where are the rich,
Mainstream, rich guys?
Why are they above the law?
They Fight too.
They abuse wives too.
They skip payments too.
They sometimes play cowboy
Bad boy. Hell's angels?
But don't be black ex con.
Your human rights are done.
Any "authority" can "check you"
If they color is mainstream...
The blues is jail house music.
The Ghetto is where
Tragedy often strikes...
Our country's sins
Can pile up. Shut down
The blues..I mean
The tough, drinking,
Cigarettes smoking,
Partying too
Just wanna do
His own man thing
And then he's
Down, on the
Filthy ground....
The gutter...
Where many want to
Put a whole bunch"threatening"
Group... know who
The blues got shut down
The other day. .
Just regular thang...
Just doing the world
A good deed ..
Stopping "them"
Right where them
Lawbreaking darkies be
Get him. Say what?
Zigga. Shut up...
The blues is
You and He....

—Mello-Re Houston

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