Sunday, June 14, 2020

my new favorite quote [a post from my daughter]

"On top of it all there is a sudden bizarre infestation of little flies, slow little flies. I've swatted loads and let loads out the door and window and yet they keep coming. I swear this Jumanji shit has got to stop!
Meanwhile, skipped church to have a leisurely morning. Feels weird to skip even if it's virtual. Next on the list is attacking the over loaded sink of dishes and hang laundry on the line. I'm holding the worlds' vigil, rally, protest, and gathering attendees in my heart. I'm thinking of all the mental health issues being triggered by this unrest and feeling the burden of it myself a bit.
So, Sunday, a day of rest, or in this houses case a day of getting done what didn't this week. Trying my best to meditate while doing dishes. Pray while hanging laundry. Seeing hope in the beautiful smile of a loved one whether in person or on this screen. Watching shows that restore faith in humanity or ones that call out the injustice so that I learn more. Recalling that there is a powerful change afoot and once again I'm living in history. I was born in historical days and raised in historical moments that clearly have made an impact on me. Because I can not look away and will not stop unlearning the societal version of these moments that were ignored or unknown for fear of rocking some boat that is now capsized. I will take care of myself today so I can reach out for you tomorrow when you need a hand to stay afloat in this sea of change. I'm here if you need me, call, text, connect for a listening ear, always. Peace." —Caitlin Lally Hotaling

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