Sunday, December 6, 2009


1. As things return more to "normal"—or closer to it I guess I should say—I almost miss the trippier aspects of the way my perceptions were uniquely altered after the brain surgery. But one that will remain I guess forever, is when I take a shower, the sound the water makes as it hits my skull is different for the section where the titanium plate is. Like almost everything connected to this process of my brain slowly recovering its functions, I find this fascinating.

2. Watched a movie on TCM last night I'd never seen before but was perfect for my capabilities right now: RANDOM HARVEST, a black-and-white classic starring Greer Garson and Ronald Coleman. Kind of trippy in its own way as well and having to do with what they used to call "shell shock" and we now call Post-Traumatic Distress Disorder. The main way it was manifested in the flick was amnesia, but though a little overly melodramatic as far as the plot went, Garson's and Coleman's acting was so good and in her case so realistically restrained, it worked. At least for me. And as with most things since the operation, I found it so delightfully satisfying I couldn't resist clapping when it was over.

3. Another great media experience—and easy to follow because it was one-on-one and in a simple setting—was catching a rerun of an Elvis Costello Sundance channel music interview show that featured Bill Clinton. Once again I was knocked out by how smart Clinton is. Cosetello's questions were focused mostly on music, but many of them in relation to the job of president and international politics. Clinton not only answered them clearly but eloquently and humble, I thought, while at the same time displaying a familiarity with such a wide range of musical taste and knowledge, it felt almost like a grad school seminar given by the smartest teacher you ever had. I mean the guy was referring not only to all kinds of popular music with ease, but more obscure and "difficult" jazz and country and swing and etc. and also top world music creators I never heard of and am pretty sure were out of Costello's range as well. Very satisfying little triumphs of cognition I'm grateful for.


pina said...

Happy that you are feeling better. Thank you for the fascinating day by day account of your process of recovery, and for reminding me of Random Harvest; I'll never forget when Colman arrives at the low gate, lifts the branch in bloom and at that moment the fog in his mind lifts as well. Love, Pina

Elisabeth said...

As a reader, I think I can tell you are progressing. Your sentences are more complex, your thoughts more integrated.

Good on your brain for healing so well and so quickly.

Ed Baker said...

I too saw that film yesterday..

and two or three othe Coleman "things" in a row..

e v e r ev er

in cinema, I think.

a question: when you go to airport to fly somewhere

will the pass-through alarm go off due to the plate?

and, if it does, how will you prove to the gendarmes that

"it s the plate in my skull."

Unknown said...

this is such a cool way to know how you are doing.
beth and i are amazed at how much in common we have regarding our tv favorites.

we love you and are eternally grateful for your ever progressing good health.

fred & beth