Wednesday, February 19, 2014


"i can't type well, but i have to tonite.  the reason is my third cousin once removed just rolled over in his teenaged grave and begged for sanity to take over the world & for peace to prevail in his name and the names of all the people who have died in murkkka since its founding because some nut had a gun and a fragment of an uneducated and hate-polluted brain and pulled the trigger because he didn't like something he (sometimes she) couldn't understand, tolerate or control, generally because their ancestors lost the civil war (for all the right reasons) and black people or poor people won't be good slaves anymore, can vote (and in one pregnant case, run the country) and this is one way to take back THEIR country which they stole from the redskins who they lied to and slaughtered and intermarried with and took over & now want to be seen as, but, like the john wayne fans they are, can't really stand to see them succeed with the casinos or the other payback their lawyer children have helped them get from litigating the broken treaties of yesteryear and hi-yo silver, etc.

the harsh truth is this, from my 74 year perspective, now heavily informed  by 8 years of family research which exposed the twisted hate-filled ambience of pre- and post civil war murkkka & my memories of sitting in dockum's drugs in 1954 wichita, kansas until those people got the message that we weren't going to continue to shine their shoes and go to the back door or take food out because they didn't like us, (the kansas i knew is on its death bed) even though not only did our women suckle their babies and do their light work, our children pick their cotton, our men win their wars, our fathers and uncles  build their war machines and cheer their victories, patiently waiting for the promised 40 acres and a mule, voting rights, women's rights, unsegregated housing, equal education, etc., but many of us still believe that god or jesus and NOT us will save the day and see to our needs.  or keep US out of prison.  baby think…belief is just a swallow away-gulp...

there is a season, turn,turn, turn…as we approach the age of aquarius, the solar system is crossing the plane of this so-called milky way galaxy as we specks on earth kill our planet with the gouged-earth policies of rape-mining, the drilled earth polices of the petrohogs, the must-always-grow concept of business and the gambler concept of guessing and living off other people's efforts while trading debt (nothing from nothing leaves nothing, thank you billy preston), all of which are daily applauded while millions starve or just barely get by, & such endeavors as the race to mars, which is what earth will resemble in another relatively short period after the above rats leave this sinking ship, or the truly spectacular efforts of the european space astronomy and rocket launches, and the large hadron collider whose budgets could easily provide inexpensive housing for several billion people, or the folks who will soon be having free-fall sex while you and i try not to have to eat monsanto death produce or frankenslurry, or drink dirty water and sleep in a hollow log and watch our children go to jail or die while sitting in a filling station (the sacrificial lamb).

i may seem to be rambling here, but in the sense of the big picture, christians especially, but also muslims, jews, and mega churches (not to be confused with religious anything) etc. are clamoring for violence, your money and little boys-(let us pray, amen.  or young men).  morally, i am not an expert, but if i learned anything from my study of comparative religions, none of the above faux patriotisms, corruption, atomic tragedies, political travesties, proclivities for destruction, warfare, racial & sexual hatred, disregard for human life and the imbalance of the planet are written into any religious dogma (sorry, exclude muslims, jews & christians and all other would-be machos for the sex part), yet each of the denominations praises all of the above as the basis for its recruitment and continuity as part of their theological models, saying in effect, there is only one way, i believe this, i have faith, and my gun will back me up.  try me.  jesus/allah/jahweh is a warm drone incoming.

so, to fix the above mess, (imho), its time for everyone who seriously and consciously believes in the sanctity of life, the virtue of truth and honesty and the value, promotion and maintenance of human dignity above all else to please stop what you're doing, tell everyone you know to do the same and spend intense time reorganizing independently for real change on a planetary basis, like signing positive petitions, dunning politicians, daily personal boycotts of oily products, frankengoop, banksters, police gangs, wolf killers, filthy chicken processors, sanctimonious political liars and civil war losers and any other purveyors of regressive and retarded momentum enforced through a so-called legal apparatus which has clarence thomas or scalia as its poster girls.

reversing the damage will require the rest of our lives and focus, because these folks don't sleep.  of course, it's never easy or simple, but it takes the courage of one's convictions- if you don't have any, please get some, immediately, if not sooner-the creeps succeed in a vacuum.  i know most of you are involved in some way with positive change but many murkkkans are asleep.  i'm not cranky with whoever reads this, but, (and not just because of jordan davis), tempus fugit, and the result of dawdling will be an o shit moment, probably irreversible.

turn, turn, turn..."
—Wright Eugene Harris III (from an email to me)


Bob said...

That's telling it like it really is. Really really. Who is this cat anyway? Couldn't find much info on the net.

Lally said...

one of my oldest friends...we met when I was just 20 and he was a few years older in legally segregated South Carolina, where we were both stationed in the military in 1963 and recognized each other's souls immediately as well as our mutual nose thumbing at the racial laws and conventions (we both got shipped out of there relatively quickly)...he was a fellow music maker then and later became a sculptor...still going strong in the heartland where he bears witness to the ongoing struggle for African-Americans (who can trace their ancestry further back then most of us, that's for sure, so are more just plain "Americans" than a lot of the rest of us) to be treated fairly etc.

Connie said...

Powerful stuff. I hear the voice loudly.