Friday, December 21, 2018


I can't find the historic chart I posted not long after 45 was sworn in but it showed what I know from my own experience, that the Great Depression and The Great Recession and most of the other economic downturns that occurred in my lifetime happened after a Republican administration was in the White House for a while.

Others show conclusively that most of the periods of economic growth that created more lasting jobs and wealth occurred after a Democratic administration was occupying The White House. My father's Great Depression generation knew this in their bones. But the rightwing masters of deception (alternative "facts" etc.) have managed to misdirect and obscure and boldface lie about this truth.

But if you were reading my blog or FB posts or anywhere near my voice since January 2017, I've been predicting (and of course others have as well) another Great Recession. 45 may make it worse, but it was inevitable when the wealthiest were given tax breaks to accumulate more wealth they stick in offshore accounts etc. while the rest of us keep falling behind financially.

And as my father taught me happened to his successful attempts to succeed in a small business in the 1920s, when Wall Street crashed in 1929 he lost everything, or as he put it: "The big boys bought it all back a dime on the dollar, and sometimes a nickel." And they'll do it again, they'll buy everything back on the cheap while any wealth anyone other then the wealthiest accumulated in recent years will evaporate.

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