Wednesday, June 1, 2022


Here's some photos from the celebration of my 80th my oldest children, Caitlin and Miles (with help from their partners Ed and Hannah, and their kids Deak and Donovan) and my lifelong dearest friend Karen Allen threw for me. I can't remember who took which ones, sorry.

Best friend Terence Winch interrogating me about the party (my daughter Caitlin Hotaling in background in white and my cousin Mary Lynn Lally in brown).
Terence Winch displaying one-of-a-kind tee shirt he had made with the cover of my last book on it.
Me and my closest cousin, Mary Lynn Lally, (grew up next door and only a year younger) and her daughter Tracee Sinclair.
My grandchild Deak, my daughter Caitlin, me, my son Miles, and my grandchild Donovan.
Dear friend David Mansfield and me.

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