Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Thanks to Mike Graham for hipping me to this youtube link.


Another Lally said...

That entire hearing has all the validity of a competition of musical flatulence.

If any of the charges were valid, Congress would be duty bound to impeach Bush. It is interesting to note that no president has ever been removed from office in our history.

Listening to his charges, I was reminded of the LBJ lies concerning the Gulf of Tonkin and the deaths of our drafted US military in Viet Nam.

-K- said...

I have to admit that when I heard of this book, my kneejerk reaction was it was the ranting of a showboat who couldn't get off the stage. But yesterday, after seeing him on CSPAN's Book TV (always interesting), I realized I was wrong.

Bugliosi's anger at the George Bush the man is astonishing. Why so few other men of his socio-economic class don't feel this way is still a mystery to me.