Monday, August 4, 2008


"Reduced to its skeleton, isn't our difference just this: You say, you can't change human nature; I say, it has to change otherwise there won't be any human nature." —Walter Lowenfels from LIFE OF FRAENKEL'S DEATH

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Another Lally said...

Wonderful quote.

Unless we lose the bondage of our humanity and become like the gods, we will perish.

The ancient Sumerians have stories of space beings (gods) having the ability to leave the planet when the great cataclysm occurs. Or in our case, the next great cataclysm.

Could be pole shift or collision with a comet or large asteroid or even the next Ice Age.

Whatever it may be, it is understood that life on Earth will be horrible with the great majority of the world's population being killed.

The only escape from the bounds of our humanity is to leave the planet. Even then, where does one go to live after the Earth is in disarray?

Some think that the meaning is to transcend human nature, but that would only lead to overpopulation and the horrors that that would bring.

We should always know where we have been in order to have an idea of where we want to go.