Thursday, August 28, 2008


A little too late and I’m a little too tired to write much. But I thought tonight (I guess last night by the time I post this in a few minutes) was another great night for Democrats and for our country.

You wouldn’t necessarily get that impression from watching the convention, what they show(ed) of it on TV. But if you can ignore the media commentary, which is almost always dominated by Republican Party talking points (which only John Stewart’s THE DAILY SHOW seems courageous and smart enough to occasionally make a point of by showing clips of top Republicans being interviewed on TV on the same day and all of them using the same key phrases etc, as in the commentary after Hilary’s speech that she didn’t say Obama would make a good commander-in-chief specifically, which came right off the wires, as they say, from McCain’s headquarters and was being stated as analysis by all kinds of commentators within minutes. By the way, she just said he’d make a great president and certainly a lot better than McCain would be.

The only thing the Republicans have going for themselves that they can talk about is “experience” (and the unstated racism or fear of the unknown they harp on in the dirty tricks part of their campaign, viral e mails etc.) which, when you examine it, seems to have led McCain to throw away his core beliefs and embrace Junior’s, and Obama’s reasoned judgments to be adopted by Junior’s administration after seven years of Junior’s policies coming up failures (something a lot of speakers tonight (last night by now) pointed out, though only a few were shown, including Bill Clinton and Joe Biden.

In past times, pre-Nixonian “dirty tricks” (the name they themselves gave it) and pre-Lee Atwater (the Karl Rove of the Reagan administration who died young of a brain tumor, I think it was, and who made a death bed apology to the nation for the dirty tricks he instigated and directed for Reagan) and pre-Karl Rove-Dick Cheney-Junior antics and mess ups, in those pre-rightwing dominant times, when “liberal” wasn’t a dirty word, but in fact the political philosophy that defeated the Great Depression, the Nazis and Facists and Japanese militarists and segregation and the third world kind of malnutrition and poverty still found in the USA pre-LBJ etc., this convention would have been televised in full, and the message the Democrats are sending to the country would have gotten out unadulterated.

But, as anonymous pointed out in that comment I posted as a quote a few posts back, the media is dominated by the rightwing and as I have repeatedly pointed out has been for a while, and their smartest trick is to call anyone who questions that reality “the liberal media” (they have been attacking Kieth Olberman relentlessly because he is the first and as far as I can see only truly left of center commentator in the media today, because the rightwing has done such a good job of moving the center so far right most people have no idea what left of center even means anymore).

But, aside from the media bias toward McCain (documented in several recent studies that show the percentage of negative stories on Obama and his wife and campaign way higher than the percentage of negative stories on McCain and his family and campaign (as I pointed out before the media in fact has left Cindy McCain almost entirely alone, despite all her past problems and her vast wealth and the soap opera of her getting together with McCain while McCain’s then wife was ill (seemingly a common Republican politician practice, it would take a while to list all who have done this, including Gingrich, who did it twice to two wives!))) etc.

Anyway, as I was saying, putting all that aside, anyone who heard any of the Democratic convention and still thinks McCain and the Republicans would be a great idea (or at least anyone who makes under 200,000 a year and cares about anyone other than themselves or their own inner circle) doesn’t know how to use their brain the way God (or mother nature) intended, but instead only the way the rightwing has distorted that intention.

There were a lot of great lines that would be great slogans for the campaign too, but the best may have come from Biden’s speech when he said, “We don’t need a good soldier, we need a wise leader” ( and as anonymous pointed out, we don’t even know how good a soldier McCain would make, because as a military pilot he had a habit of crashing planes and in combat he got shot down and as a P.O.W. he signed and read a statement in favor of the enemy, etc. not that many of us wouldn’t have done the same under torture (more proof that torture doesn’t work since we can all agree McCain didn’t really mean he supported the North Vietnamese against the U. S.) and all you have to do to see that Obama is already a wise leader is read his policy statements on his campaign web site or just watch the news and see how many of his positions the current administration has come around to and adopted since theirs have almost all failed, and if you can find them (not easy, hmmm wonder why) look up all the Republicans, including prominent Republican politicians and office holders, who have endorsed Obama (interesting that none of the TV channels except for PBS showed any of the Republican office holders who spoke at this convention in support of Obama, do you think they won’t show Joe Liberman speaking on behalf of McCain at the Republican convention? That’s what they used to call a sure bet.).

These rightwing commentators in the media and even on this blog would all just seem like silly asses, as the Brits used to call it, if they weren’t so successful at convincing people that what’s bad for the majority of us is actually what we all should vote for, or convincing at least enough of the voters to make it close enough for their dirty poll tricks to make the difference (like all the African-Americans who happen to live in districts where there aren’t enough voting machines or they keep breaking down or they turn out to produce votes for candidates the voters say they never voted for, etc.)

Guess even as tired as I am I still had a lot to say. Oh well.


Another Lally said...

It really isn't very surprising that Republican politicians are endorsing a Democrat president or Democrat ideals.

During the 80's and 90's in this nation, a Democrat was hard pressed to get elected as dog catcher nevermind high office. Were it not for Perot splitting the GOP vote in '92, Clinton may not have gotten the presidency (42% of the vote).

This was most evident in '96 when the GOP ran Dole simply because he 'paid his dues and it was his turn'. No ideals, merely seniority. Even I voted voted for Clinton in protest, but it was a bad premise on which to cast my vote.

The Left recognizes that the Socialist, One World Government organizations are wrong. There is major protest at meetings of the WTO and World Bank. Imagine the turnout for a Bilderberg meeting should a protest be possible.

The Democrat Party has wrapped the sheep's clothing around itself and decry all things Republican.

The Neo-Cons and their manifesto are nothing more than the descendants led by the founders of the Trilateral Commission, (Carter, Zbig and sons, the Rockefellers).

In 1980, Holly Sklar released a book titled "Trilateralism: the Trilateral Commission and Elite Planning for World Management". The similarity to the Neo-Con Manifesto is not really surprising.

Behind the present Democrat standard bearer are Jimmy Carter, the Rockefellers and Zbig. Zbig's sons are the men behind the scenes in the campaign.

The Left may have been fooled in supporting these same people who they protest relentlessly.

If this were to be recognized, though it is very apparent, the Left would rise up against them as they do under their other titles (Council on Foreign Relation, Bildebergs, Trilateral Commission, International Monetary Fund, World Bank among others).

A minor example of the Nazi tactic is the Obama campaign filing complaints demanding that the Justice Department silence groups who are making known Obama's political tactics and associations.

No matter which campaign garners the Big Chair, I pray the Power that maintains order guide this nation. If the Will of that Power is not to the benefit of this nation, I pray that I have the strength to accept that Will.

JIm said...

Saying that the media has a conservative bias does not necessarily.make it so. The statistics do not confirm your premise.
( they are:

At national organizations (which includes print, TV and radio), the numbers break down like this: 34% liberal, 7% conservative. At local outlets: 23% liberal, 12% conservative. At Web sites: 27% call themselves liberals, 13% conservatives.

This contrasts with the self-assessment of the general public: 20% liberal, 33% conservative. Its also noteworthy that the number in the media identifying themselves as liberal has actually increased significantly in recent years. Now, while this isn't direct evidence of bias, the only way it could not manifest itself as a bias is if we assume that the liberals are many times as capable of hiding their bias as conservatives. Ie, say 1 in 100 in the local media wear their bias on their sleeve - out of 10,000 reporters, that would mean 12 conservative and 23 liberals display an open bias unless somehow liberals are only half as likely to wear their bias on their sleeve.