Wednesday, June 3, 2009


My old friend, artist Paul Harryn, has a little movie on his blog that shows him at work making paintings. It's a process another filmmaker made a longer documentary on that I found very moving and inspiring, as I often do any documentation of the creative process of various kinds of artists. This shorter version doesn't build up to the same kind of emotional impact the longer one had (unfortunately it isn't available on the web, yet) but it does capture an artist at work pretty well.

There's a lot of Jackson Pollack obviously in some of Paul's methods (although over the decades—much like me and my variety of approaches to making poems and other kinds of writing—Harryn has had many technical approaches to making a painting) and other "masters" are evoked in other techniques he uses in the film, but most importantly, it demonstrates in a small way the inspiration he gets from the natural world that surrounds his outdoor good weather approach to doing with paint what he experiences in nature.

Anyway, check it out, it's only three minutes long or so.

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