Saturday, June 20, 2009


My son's home, and doing so well the doc says he can take part in a dance recital today (since he missed his fifth-grade graduation (or "moving on ceremony") and his class play etc.—he's still on antibiotics but the symptoms are almost all gone and he's resting except for the few minutes he's on stage—what a trouper!) He's a tap dancer, just starting, so this is his first show and it's only a short routine.
Meanwhile thank you to everyone who sent their prayers and emails and thoughts and good wishes and comments.
And here's a link to a post by RJ Eskow that isn't anything we haven't heard before, but pretty specific and important.


JIm said...

I never understood how certain groups should have special rights.
Mathew Shepard endured a very painful death in the Wyoming countryside. The notion that he was gay thus it was a hate crime and deserves special handling and sanctions is contrary to the US Constitution that justice should be blind. As I remember,the killers were convicted and given appropriate sentences for killers. Hopefully they received life sentences. The death sentence seems to be relatively rare the last 20 years or so.

Excerpt from link
"It calls the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act the "Protect Pedophiles Act" and says that it would require U.S. Marshals to "protect 547 acts of sexual deviance,"

RJ Eskow said...

Glad the young man is feeling better. And thanks for the link, as always.